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- Guidelines for treatments and Return To Work timelines - Safey Management Software - Indiana Safety and Supply Co. - Nation and International WC Resources - Safety resources website

Dynamic Claims Solutions - Develop defense strategy in complex medical, neuropsychological and psychiatric injury claims and lawsuits - Blue Collar PEO's Brokerage Firm - MSDS sheets for Health & Safety Compliance - Internet-based Workers Comp medical analysis company  The Market helps you find new self-insurance partners quickly and easily. - Continuing education for the work comp arena - Expert witness directory - Learn behavior-based safety

Davidcorp - Policy, claims, and report management software for the Insurance Industry

Danestreet - Medical Review Company - Independent health management company (Express Health) - Michiana Health Information Network (Electronic data connection) - Indiana work comp and payroll solutions for contractors - Provider of Safety Services & Rentals - American Health Networks - IN & OH Physician Groups - Insurance Agents with Work Comp Designations - Vocational, career and Rehab consulting firm - Innovative medical solutions - Corporate Health Resources - Corporate Assault Prevention Training - Wellness Company - Insurance designations and network - On-line training for Work Comp Professionals - A National Continuing Education Provider for Insurance, Work Comp and Healthcare

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